We believe in the power of the written word. And in this increasingly digitized world of instant social media, text messages and email, we believe even more in the power of opening the mailbox and finding an "old fashioned" handwritten letter. Our letterpress cards are a delight for the senses and a luxurious reminder of a simpler time when items were produced by hand with great care.

blind impression letterpress


Our 100% cotton paper is made specifically for letterpress printing. Made from cotton linters left over from the textile industry, the paper is tree free, acid free and elemental chlorine free, and it is recyclable and biodegradable.


 Our soy-based inks are mixed by hand. We have a standard color palette with which we work, or we can custom mix ink to match any color in the pantone matching system. 

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Our three antique Chandler & Price printing presses were built in America between 1888 and 1917. We currently have a C&P Old Style 8x12 from 1888 (with its original gold pinstriping still intact), a C&P New Style 10x15, and a C&P Pilot 6x10.

Letterpress birth announcements are an elegant way to introduce the world to your family's new addition.


Whether you're announcing the birth of a son or daughter or celebrating the adoption of a child, our letterpress announcements can be personalized to reflect your tastes and personality. Monograms are a traditional favorite, but we also offer a wide range of motifs, ranging from rabbits to rocketships. 


Paper Ink Press letterpress birth announcements
Paper Ink Press letterpress birth announcement
Paper Ink Press letterpress birth announcements

Choose a style that matches your personality.


From elegant and formal to casual or humorous, we have a style that reflects your personality. We'll work with you to make sure the font, color and motif match your needs and suit your personality.


Paper Ink Press letterpress note cards
blind impression letterpress cards
monogram letterpress cards

Rabbits and rocketships, flowers and fire trucks.


Who says kids shouldn't have beautiful note cards? Personalized note cards are perfect to use as thank you notes for gifts, or use them to write a sweet note as a surprise treat for a distant parent, grandparent or friend.

bunny letterpress cards
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elephant letterpress cards
dinosaur letterpress cards